Felicity Smart Infrastructure is the personality behind Smart Cities, enabling the deployment of highly sophisticated technologies, empowering communities to improve the quality of life for their citizens.

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Felicity Smart Infrastructure is an award-winning Australian-based Company that enables smart cities globally, offering clients a unique Smart City Platform combining world-leading IoT Device Management software with sleek Scandinavian-designed Streetlights that include Smart City Portals®.

Mr Sean Cowan, Managing Director of Felicity Smart Infrastructure said,

“As an Australian-based company with offices in Denmark and New Zealand, we are delighted to launch Felicity’s End-to-End Smart City Platform to the Global Smart Cities community at the World Expo. We know that citizen engagement is essential to the success of a Smart City roll-out anywhere in the world and our company name, Felicity, brings a very specific, strategic and approachable personality to our clients to assist them with that engagement.”

It is no co-incidence that Felicity can be taken to mean ‘Happy-City’, with the Group focused on understanding the needs of each of its clients’ Communities to guide successful engagement through Felicity’s Smart City Platform.

Felicity Smart Infrastructure was most recently recognized in the Smart City Asia Pacific Awards with a project in Madden Street, Auckland, New Zealand that demonstrated a powerful collaboration between Felicity, Cisco and Spark NZ to deliver sustainable outcomes for the client and end user.

The Felicity Auckland project replaced existing incandescent Streetlights with Felicity’s state of the art LED Streetlights that incorporate Smart City Portals and can integrate an enormous range of IoT devices. Sensors in rubbish bins, car park spaces, streetlights, pavements, and environmental monitors send signals to Cisco’s Kinetic software for Automated Response Management. The result in Madden Street has been an elegant Streetscape design with Smart City functionality that includes Controllable LED, CCTV, Public WiFi and Environmental monitoring.

Felicity is in the process of further enabling the Auckland Project to incorporate its End-to-End Platform, by embedding its ‘Felicity Connect’ Software that ‘translates’ multi-protocol data streams from IoT sensors in the field, allowing an almost endless range of Smart City devices to be added over time.

Felicity’s Executive Director, Markets, Mr. Claus Oustrup said,

“Smart City success comes from working closely with the chosen supply partners in any of our Projects. Whether that’s in Auckland in New Zealand, Geelong in Victoria, Naples in Italy or Copenhagen in Denmark, our clients receive significant benefits from leveraging ‘Plug-and-Play’ Smart City architecture at both the Hardware and the Software level.”

The Smart City Expo World Congress is held annually in Barcelona and runs this year from November 19th to 21st 2019. The Smart City event is the largest globally and provides a unique meeting point for the entire smart city ecosystem. Corporate leaders, public representatives, entrepreneurs, experts and academics from all around the globe come together to learn from each other, share experiences, talk about best practices, and open new paths for international collaboration.

Mr Cowan said,

“Enabling a Community with the ability to manage and develop its connectedness as technology evolves must be done without compromising the visual Streetscape. Felicity’s Elegant IoT enabled Streetlights combined with our multi-protocol Device management Software provides a compelling Smart City Model for any Community.”

Together or individually, Felicity Smart Infrastructure Hardware and Software products enable Smart Cities to build out and efficiently manage their infrastructure and data, now and into the future.

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