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Amish Custom Perry Occasional Table Collection

The gun vault is one of the security package options of the Perry Occasional Table Collection.

With hidden drawers, locked safes and other safety features, the Perry Occasional Table Collection gives homeowners the opportunity to store precious items in plain sight.

What are the chances that a thief who breaks into a home would rip apart the living room tables in search for precious items like jewelry, rare coins or money? Such a likelihood is very low. And that’s the point of the security package available with the Perry Occasional Table Collection from Brandenberry Amish Furniture of Shipshewana, Indiana.

The security package is an optional feature of the Perry Occasional Table Collection. And it can be included in any of the tables. Amish cabinetmakers custom-build the drawers with 100-lb. ball bearing slides for hefty storage. Also, the drawers are built with dovetail joints, which are unrivaled in strength and durability.

Several secure storage options are available. They include a platform pullout. Plus an electronic safe and a trigger lock. This unique storage system frees one up to store valuables or a handgun safely – and in a place intruders would not ordinarily look for them.

"With hidden drawers, locked safes and other safety features, the Perry Occasional Table Collection gives homeowners the opportunity to store precious items in plain sight," says Floyd Eash, furniture consultant at Brandenberry Amish Furniture.

The drawer fronts occupy the full width of space between the legs on the end of the table. So they blend seamlessly into the table design. And if no hardware is added, the drawers remain incognito.

Of course, the Perry Occasional Table Collection can be ordered without the security package. In this case, customers may wish to order the standard drawers with hardware. And there are numerous hardware options to choose from.

Security package aside, the Perry Occasional Table Collection makes a statement of elegance and sophistication. It features gently bowed legs, graceful arches and simple lines. So the collection is ideally suited for any upscale living room or family room. The collection includes a coffee table and sofa table, plus a tall and short end table and a tall and short nightstand. This gives furniture buyers real flexibility in choosing the tables that fit their needs and desires.

Skilled Amish cabinetmakers custom-build the Perry Occasional Table Collection. The Amish men use quality hardwoods such as oak, cherry and maple. The collection is incredibly sturdy, durable and a future family heirloom. The tables can be ordered online or by visiting Brandenberry Amish Furniture's physical store in Shipshewana, Indiana. Homeowners can customize the Perry Living Room Collection. Custom preferences include the wood specie, finish and hardware.

About Brandenberry Amish Furniture:
Brandenberry Amish Furniture is located at 1045 N. State Road 5 in Shipshewana, at the intersection of State Road 5 and US 20, near the Indiana Toll Road. The store is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment.

Brandenberry Furniture opened its doors in 2008. The Brandenberry Furniture concept allows customers to design the furniture of their dreams…to explore the rich woods and stains that only nature can offer. Nothing matches the feel, the smell and the weight of hickory, oak, cherry, maple…real woods that come to life in an Amish handcrafted piece. They are meant to last a lifetime and beyond.

Whether a customer’s favorite style is Mission, Traditional, Modern or something in between, if Brandenberry Furniture doesn’t carry it, their craftsmen will build it to specification.

Brandenberry Furniture offers everything from bedroom and dining collections to home accessories, patio and exclusive furniture pieces. Browse Brandenberry Amish Furniture's easy-to-use website with detailed photographs and information, and you’ll find furniture categorized by room (including family room, dining room, bedroom, office, children’s) as well as by wood species (including oak, hickory, cherry, elm, maple, pine and cedar) and style.

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