Next Generation Living Homes

sshape, a commercial architecture and interior design firm serving clients in the corporate and non-profit communities, is celebrating an inaugural year defined by exponential growth and design success. Since opening its doors, sshape has expanded to a staff of 18, outgrown its first office space, and completed 32 projects with 900,000 square feet designed and under construction.

Currently, sshape is engaged in projects in 16 cities around the country for clients including not-for-profit organizations, the commercial real estate industry, tech companies, research groups, law firms, and national corporate accounts. Known for disrupting the design world, sshape applies unique aesthetic attention to every project. sshape’s approach succeeds through its commitment to partner involvement on every project, regardless of breadth.

Founding Partner Roger Sola-Sole shares, “We founded sshape on the principle of accountability. We want every project to have a handcrafted approach, where partners can leverage their experience to ensure we are delivering unique and high-quality design to our clients.”

sshape was founded on passion and backed by extensive design experience. The venture reflects the desire of its five partners—Sola-Sole, Travis Herret, Preeti Reddy, Diran Corria, and Stephanie Berry—to focus on the values that drive their passion for design.
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Next Generation Living Homes