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ISAT Total Support, an industry-leading engineering and product solutions provider for installed MEP systems in commercial construction, has officially announced the business’ rebrand to ISAT Total Support. The comprehensive rebrand elevates the focus on an expanded array of design and product solutions for construction companies and includes a new logo and market position. ISAT’s unique blend of in-house engineering, seismic knowledge, tool free labor-saving attachment products, lean methods and new mobile app positions all construction professionals for code compliant installation of MEP systems. ISAT will continue to evolve its service and product offering as it always has, further streamlining the construction process for customers.

“ISAT’s new branding communicates an elevated, more diverse set of project solutions,” said ISAT Vice President Jim Massey. “While these are the same set of project solutions we have always provided, we needed to visually communicate to customers that our services extend well beyond the realm of seismic bracing. Although we excel in our ability to quickly meet nonstructural seismic requirements, by utilizing adjunct solutions such as pipe stress analysis, BIM, vibration isolation earlier in the construction process, we can often time save customers even more money on their projects. We are proud to be ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry, and our new brand identity as ISAT Total Support will now illustrate just how far our company has come.”

ISAT’s emphasis on providing a full suite of products and services to construction companies is reflected in the company’s new bulleted tagline, "·Innovation ·Engineering ·BIM ·Fabrication". This language speaks to the core belief that in a vast, ever-changing, and complex market ISAT can fully cater to every construction project from design to construction.

About ISAT Total Support:

ISAT Total Support delivers a comprehensive family of industry leading mechanical, electrical and piping support solutions and services. Empowered by innovative ideas ISAT produces support solutions that target lowering the cost of installed systems on projects. ISAT has redefined the manufacturer contractor relationship by strategically utilizing the horsepower of over three hundred engineers, project managers, BIM modelers, fabricators and assembly craftsmen as a true partner to drive down installed labor costs for our customers. Visit us online at for more information.

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Next Generation Living Homes