Next Generation Living Homes

Every month, we make it our mission at Clever to bring you as many home tours, before-and-afters, and sneak peaks into real homes as we can muster. You don't seem to tire of them; interiors prove to be some of our best-performing stories, consistently! Our job is to make sure each one is inspiring, and surprising, and honestly just fun—the kind of homes we all desperately wished we lived in and maybe even someday will. This month, it was all about transformations: a spruced-up apartment in Tel Aviv, an art gallery that looks a lot like someone lives there, and a Brooklyn loft decked out with the most amazing rugs.

An IKEA countertop looks like something far fancier in this Tel Aviv apartment by Salty Architects.

Photo: Yael Engelhart

You know what's a good use of a dark, unused corner of the patio? A kitchen extension, here brilliantly imagined by the team at Archer + Braun.

Photo: David Barbour

This art gallery by Batiik Studio is exactly what we're picturing when we dream about waking up in Paris.

Photo: Bertrand Fompeyrine

Once upon a time, this was a completely unfinished ground floor of a Brooklyn brownstone—bravo to AD's visuals director for making it a haven.

Kitchen cabinets from IKEA. Photo: Gieves Anderson

Gallery walls are nice and all, but when you run a vintage rug startup called Beni Rugs they have to compete with what's underfoot.

Photo: Max Burkhalter

Next Generation Living Homes