The name Arras provides a nod to the cultural and artistic roots of Asheville, the ‘Paris of the South.'

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McKibbon Hospitality Group recently unveiled the latest in their collection of premium hotels, The Kimpton Hotel Arras, in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. The McKibbon Hospitality Group tapped nearby Brevard, NC-based Tungsten Branding, a top five ranked global naming firm, to handle the brand identity portion of the project. After several rounds of vetting, the name Arras was chosen as a fitting tribute to Asheville’s unique heritage.

“The name Arras provides a nod to the cultural and artistic roots of Asheville, the ‘Paris of the South,’” stated Tungsten president and founder Phil Davis. The reference to Arras comes from the city in northern France of the same name, a town known for its richly woven tapestries and artistic community. “The McKibbon team wanted a name that reflected the values and history of the region. The Arras story of art, culture and interwoven connectedness ticked all the right boxes,” Davis continued.

To further demonstrate and support the company brand values, The McKibbon Hospitality Group commissioned a variety of local artisans to create custom pieces for each guest room, as well as throughout the common areas of the hotel.

“By involving local naming and branding experts such as Tungsten Branding, as well as curating skilled area designers and craftsmen, the McKibbon team demonstrated a true commitment to living out the brand values of connectivity, diversity and interdependence,” said Davis.

The 19 story, 128 room hotel and mixed use structure represents the crown jewel in the McKibbon suite of premier properties, and the tallest structure in western North Carolina.

About Tungsten Branding

Tungsten Branding is a global top five ranked company naming and branding firm based in Brevard, North Carolina. Founded in 1999, Tungsten has successfully named and branded over 300 companies, products and services throughout their history.

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